The golden environmental promise

Because we love the environment.

The goal of our golden angels is not only to ease your everyday life with our services, but also to save the environment by leaving the least possible ecological footprint. We use only the best eco-friendly cleaning agents, that are free of hazardous chemicals, 100% vegan and made from recycled contents and surfactants of vegetable origin. For our work we use products of local brands such as “Frosch”, “Sodasan” or “Ecover”, which are certified with various quality seals.


Our employees appreciate the quality of these agents, because we avoid the use of acrid substances or hazardous ingredients such as phosphate or formaldehyde; instead we go back to approved household remedies like lemon or orange zest, soda or vinegar. Pleasant to the skin and powerful at the same time – the ideal synergy between humans, animals and environment!

Quality seals of our cleaning agents