Frequently Asked Questions

We were asked a lot of questions, here are the answers to the most common ones.

What happens if my Golden Angel can't make it?

In case one of our Golden Angels gets ill or is on vacation, we will make sure there is a substitution available for you, to take care of all the work that needs to be done.

What if I want to change my Golden Angel?

In case you are not satisfied with your Golden Angel, or you want a different one for another reason, we can assist you with any queries of that kind. Please let our manager know about your wish and we will find someone else for you.

Do you provide me with an invoice?

Of course you will receive a proper invoice with VAT proof. We can write invoices to individuals or companies upon request.

All invoices will be sent by email or by post.

How can I pay for your services?

You can easily pay for your invoices by direct bank transfer or direct debit (SEPA).

How much of the total billed cost can I write off?

In Germany, 20% of the annual spendings up to € 4,000.00 are tax-deductible as household services.

Are all your Golden Angels insured?

Insurance is a basic requirement for all our employees. We have all our employees registered and insured up to € 6,000,000.

Can you carry out work in my house while I am on vacation or at work?

If you wish, we can work at your house during your absence. We are even able to arrange additional works to be carried out while you are on vacation, like painting walls, cleaning windows and many more. We would also gladly water your plants and empty your letter box for you.

Will I always be served by the same Golden Angel?

Yes, if you book the same services from us continuously, the same Golden Angel will always be there for you (unless ill or otherwise impeded).

Who is liable for damages in my home or if a Golden Angel gets hurt during work?

We do our best to prevent such things to happen. In case of an unlikely event, all our employees are insured for liability and accidents.

Do you know all your employees? Are your employees loyal and reliable?

Yes, all our employees were choses by us personally, upon a procedure of security checks. We request a good-conduct certificate from each employee prior to their employment.

How do you make sure your employees are working properly?

Internal measures ensure a proper workflow. All our employees are factory-trained by one of our instructors to make sure their work is superior at any time. Furthermore we maintain close contact with all our Golden Angels, this sincere contact guarantees a family-like working atmosphere that keeps our employees engaged with us.

Do I have to be at home while a Golden Angel is working there?

It is up to your personal preference. From our personal experience we can suggest work to be carried out while you’re at work, as it is generally refreshing to come home to a tidy and clean home.

Is it possible to book a service just one time?

Yes, although this service cannot deceed a timeframe of 2 hours.

How much does the Golden Angel Service cost?

The pricing depends on the type of work you want to get done and on the frequency / regularity of your bookings. If you book our services regularly we will be able to calculate a bespoke pricing structure for you. Our regular rates start at € 18.00 plus VAT.

Which additional costs will incur when booking with you?

That depends on various factors. For example if we use our certified cleaning agents rather than your own ones. If you decide to provide cleaning agents for our employees to be used, no further costs will incur. If you prefer to use our certified cleaning agents, we will charge you a one-off fee of € 15 for your personalized cleaning kit. In addition we charge a fixed rate of € 2 / job.

In case your place of residence is outside of our area of operation, we charge € 0.30 / kilometer.

What do I have to know before booking a voucher?

Our vouchers are available for our services in Wiesbaden, Mainz and the surrounding area. In case the recipient of the voucher lives outside of this area, we charge an additional € 0.30 per kilometer for travel costs. All vouchers are valid for 3 years starting on the date of purchase. Upon payment, you can download and print the voucher to give it to a special person. On request, we can send the voucher to you or someone else by post instead.

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